Super sonic the stones luster. The frequency of gems they shake the device to automatically polished.


The most accurate identification devices such as fake diamonds, gems, glass, and zircon are Mvyzanayt.


Bestselling Tester sets Heat Rocks the World
All minerals precious and semi-precious crystal texture and arrangement of the molecular basis of heat transfer are different and therefore precise measurement of the heat transfer can be found of the minerals.This device uses precise Probe, measures the rate of heat transfer in various minerals and mineral names mentioned in the show display.


Device for measuring light reflection
This machine is digital Symvlh on mineral reflects light.The luster of the mineral surface absorbs some light and reflects the rest. This device is a reflection of the Digital Chart of the measurement is then used to identify the type of mineralization.(A quick and easy way to identify fake diamonds and other stones)


It is integrated into the top two of each gemstone is exemplary in its SOURCE.


Pickup setting weight measurement device and identify it.
This is the first of its kind in the world using a computer without setting the mount base to the identification and weighing.

Mr. Hamed Ettehadi is official distributer of this factory in middle east.
All this machineries are working in our company and all the artists can come and see the demonstration of machine working. All the artists by 2 month education can cut all the facet diagrams easily in Switzerland and USA method. Important attention :
Mr Hamed Ettehadi is a official distributer of Ultratec in middle east.
Be careful to order the machine from the official sole agent to have the lifetime free guaranty.
All the prices and costs as the Ultratec website plus the shipping cost.

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